Love is evil


Love is a simple four letter word, but has endless meaning, whereas on the other side evil which is also a four word letter but with defined meaning i.e. BAD. “If there is love then there is evil” Don’t Trust Me..?Then ummm let me give you an example suppose there are three people (2boys and a girl), let me give them some names, so let them be Sam, Zack and Julie. Then the theme is that Sam a simple boy with no high profile, attitude and loves Julie truly, but Julie has no interest in Sam and liked Zack who is a rich spoiled playboy. So let us make 3 Cases to proof Love is Evil:

Case 1: Sam tries hard to get Julie in his life but Julie as u know liked Zack refused him every time he approached and got in a relationship with Zack, but Sam still tries making him evil in eyes of Julie who was frustrated and irritated of Sam.

Case 2: Being in a relationship with Zack, Julie was very happy with the things being going but as we know that “Women’s are first sexed up and then axed up..!”  Zack broke up with Julie leaving her alone in pain. This makes Zack evil.

Case 3: Julie all broken got the feeling of revenge and committed to herself that she will get Zack back in her life. Then she thought of Sam, she thought that she could get committed with Sam and make Zack jealous so she text him and said sorry and told him how Zack ill treated her, but Sam didn’t knew that he will be used as a pawn in the game which Julie was playing. She made him fall for her in which she was successful and they got into a relationship. Things were going very smoothly and perfectly for them. One day when they were hanging out Zack got in their way and they all had a casual talk, after which they all went their way. Julie thought that after seeing Sam and her happy together  he will think of his days and the days when they were happy together  but on the other side Zack did thought this and realize that he had done wrong with Julie and he will never get a girl like Julie again in his life, this all incident opened his eyes which resulted in Zack becoming a good boy, but he could not return to Julie as he think it will be not good to go and apologize to Julie and just leave them and let them live a happy life together  and started ignoring both of them more. Seeing the ignorance Julie thought thing will only become worse so she decided to tell Sam what game she was playing, she went to Sam to tell him what’s going on and when she meet him she told him that she’s sorry about the things and also told that she never loved him it was just a plan to make Zack jealous, but the plan turns out to be flop so she wants breakup listening to this Sam held their speechless tears flows down his eyes and Julie left. Sam was so upset with her, he just wants to die but the main result was Julie becomes evil.

So now its easy to say:

“Love is evol don’t trust then spell it backward”